Four Sigma Associate (FSA)

FSK Society

≥ IQ 160 (S.D.15, Wechsler Scale)
≥ IQ 164
 (S.D. 16, Stanford-Binet Scale)
≥ IQ 196 (S.D. 24, Cattell Scale)
≥ IQ 196 (S.D. 24, Mensa Korea Scale)

1. Requirement: Evidence of one standardized IQ test score officially accredited by a professional psychologist (Full documents) as the full scale at or above IQ 164 sd16 at 1st attempt. (Please see 4. Note.)

2. Alternative: Having one of full memberships from Ultranet Society of Mega Foundation, Epimetheus Society would qualify to join FSA.

3. Alternative: Having a full membership of TSA with a doctoral degree, accredited by a top-class university would qualify to join FSA.

*Qualifications for U.S.K. Membership