“We are the first and the oldest high IQ society higher than Mensa level in South Korea founded in 2007, formerly the Sigma Korea.”

The aim of the United Sigma Korea is to gather the exclusively gifted people at each intellectual field, who have the very high level of intelligence and education. To Provide a real intellectual place where members are encouraged to share big ideas is another USK destination.

USK Society may have significant meaning as one of I.Q. societies in the world. South Korea always has been top ranked on I.Q. and the highest education level country in the world by reported academic resources.


Global Index of Cognitive Skills and Educational Attainment rankings (Pearson & EIU, 2014)

Once you participate in USK project to gather the gifted people who have the extremely high intelligence, you will be a member in the society from the best I.Q. and the highest education level country in the world.

In history, South Korean had have to facilitate their intelligence to keep their identity and to survive against other countries. Consequently, these hard environments helped folks do their best in using their cognitive abilities.

USK Society would welcome you if exclusively selective and gifted, having the top level of intelligence, education and creativity.



(Symbol of South Korea)