“The United Sigma Korea Society (USK Society, or USK) are the first and the oldest high IQ society higher than Mensa level in South Korea, with an international scope, which was founded in 2007 by Dr. HanKyung Lee, M.D.

USK exists to gather exclusively gifted people with extremely high levels of intelligence and education in order to provide an intellectual space to encourage the sharing and exploring of academic, artistic, ethical, literary, logical, philosophical, and scientific ideas in a productive and respectful manner.

USK may have significant meaning enough as one of I.Q. societies in the world, especially from the Asian region. South Korea always ranks amongst the highest in the globe based on reliable academic sources.


Global Index of Cognitive Skills and Educational Attainment rankings (Pearson & EIU, 2014)

Once you participate in USK project to gather the gifted people who have the extremely high intelligence, you will be a member in the society from the best I.Q. and the highest education level country in the world.

USK Society welcomes prospective members of the selective and gifted amongst the highest levels in addition to those with high levels of education.



(Symbol of South Korea)