FSK Member, Ian Lawrence Bott

Ian Lawrence Bott is a member of Four Sigma Korea. Mr. Bott studied at Imperial College London, and after graduating, he is studying a Master degree in education at Harvard University, Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is also a member of Triple Nine Society.

“I grew up in London, England and spent my undergraduate studies between Imperial College London and Rice University.

After graduating, I sought out a career in education, first as a math teacher and then as a Dean of Academics, helping to found a high school in Houston, Texas.

Currently I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, with the intention to go on to complete a PhD.

I am interested in 21st-century school reform, with a particular focus on individuality and personalization within education. I did not always feel that traditional education served my needs, and so I am always curious about new ways to unlock human potential. In my free time I like to play poker competitively, follow US politics, and spend time with my dog.”

– Ian Bott

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ESK Special Member, Mark Tabladillo



Mark Tabladillo Ph.D. is a Advisory Member of Extreme Sigma Korea.

Dr. Tabladillo works for Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Architect. He has a science doctorate from Georgia Tech.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Mark provides cloud enterprise solutions for companies in the US for Microsoft’s strategic clients.

His professional focus includes developing Artificial Intelligence systems and has contributed to Microsoft’s Ethics guidelines for Artificial Intelligence.

He is also volunteer Regional Director in Georgia for Ratio Christi, a campus apologetics alliance.

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ESK Member, Ronald Hoeflin


Ronald K. Hoeflin, PhD is a Honorary Member of United Sigma Korea.

Dr. Hoeflin is best known as the founder of Mega Society and Prometheus Society besides Omega Society and Epimetheus Society among others. Dr. Hoeflin is a pioneer in the field of psychometrics for high range intelligence creating Mega Test and Titan Test as the first high range test in history.

As an American Philosopher, Dr. Hoeflin received a PhD in Philosophy from The New School for Social Research, and In 1988, he won the American Philosophical Association’s Rockefeller Prize for his article, “Theories of Truth: A Comprehensive Synthesis.”

Presently, Dr. Hoeflin is nearing completion of his multi-volume book titled “The Encyclopedia of Categories“.

InSight Publishing Interview with Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin (Part One)

InSight Publishing Interview with Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin (Part Two)

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ESK Member, Peter Singer


Professor Peter Singer is a Honorary Member of United Sigma Korea.

Prof. Singer is best known as “World’s Most Influential Living Philosopher” credited with starting the Modern Animal Rights Movement, development of Effective Altruism, and Life Ethics in Bioethics.

He is Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University. Since 2005, Prof. Singer has been Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne, both in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies.

“Journalists have bestowed on me the tag of “world’s most influential living philosopher.” They are probably thinking of my work on the ethics of our treatment of animals, often credited with starting the modern animal rights movement, and with the influence that my writing has had on development of effective altruism. I am also known for my controversial critique of the sanctity of life ethics in bioethics.

Several key figures in the animal movement have said that my book Animal Liberation, first published in 1975, led them to get involved in the struggle to reduce the vast amount of suffering we inflict on animals. To that end, I co-founded the Australian Federation of Animal Societies, now Animals Australia, the country’s largest and most effective animal organization. My wife, Renata, and I stopped eating meat in 1971.

I am the founder of The Life You Can Save, an organization based on my book of the same name. It aims to spread my ideas about why we should be doing much more to improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty, and how we can best do this. You can view my TED talk on this topic.

My writings in this area include: the 1972 essay “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” in which I argue for donating to help the global poor; and two books that make the case for effective giving, The Life You Can Save (2009) and The Most Good You Can Do (2015).

I have written, co-authored, edited or co-edited more than 50 books, including Practical Ethics, The Expanding Circle, Rethinking Life and Death, One World, The Ethics of What We Eat (with Jim Mason) and The Point of View of the Universe (with Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek. My writings have appeared in more than 25 languages.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1946, and educated at the University of Melbourne and the University of Oxford. After teaching in England, the United States, and Australia, in 1999 I became Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University. Since 2005 I have combined that role with the position of Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne, in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies. One of the big attractions of being in Melbourne is that Renata and I can spend time with our three daughters and four grandchildren. We also enjoy hiking, and I surf.”

– Peter Singer 

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USK Editor, Krystal Volney


Krystal Volney is the Senior Editor of United Sigma Korea.

Volney is known for her computing interviews for WIN ONE Magazine (World Intelligence Network) as a tech writer and publications in Award-winning/bestselling educational books that can be found in bookstores and libraries around the world, journals, blogs, forums & magazines such as City Connect Magazine since 2012-present.

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ESK Member, Tom Chittenden


Tom Chittenden is an Advisory Member of Extreme Sigma Korea.

Dr. Chittenden holds D.Phil. from University of Oxford, and Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. Presently, he is a Senior Biostatistics and Mathematical Biology Consultant at Harvard Medical School, Harvard University as an Advisory Board Member.

He has been a Lecturer and Research Fellow at Massachusetts Institue of Technology (MIT), University of Oxford among others. Dr. Chittenden is the Chief AI Scientist of WuXi NextCODE Genomics, and President and Founder of Complex Biological Systems Alliance.

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FSK Member, Caspar Nijuis


Caspar Nijuis is a member of Four Sigma Korea and a candidate of Extreme Sigma Korea. Nijuis studied mathematics at the University of Amsterdam, top university in Netherland, and obtained a Master’s degree. Caspar Nijhuis is also a member of Epimetheus Society.

“I am an IT generalist with a background in mathematics, currently working as a freelance coder. I always get drawn to the most tricky puzzles, also outside of the IT realm, for example Go and Sudoku.

Still I am not sure yet, but it seems the only thing in life that really matters is music. My favourite range of music is from Mozart to Rachmaninov, but I like almost all music. And I do play the piano a little bit, too.”

– Caspar Nijhuis

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FSK Member, Alexandre Tang


Alexandre Tang, Ph.D. is a member of Four Sigma Korea and a candidate of Extreme Sigma Korea.

Dr. Tang, 31 years old, living in Paris, France, is a Project Leader working in Immuno-Oncology field at SANOFI in Paris, France.

Through the years at University Pierre & Marie Curie, he has obtained a deep knowledge in understanding biology and especially the diverse mechanisms that shape our immune system and how it protects us from pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, and also how it can recognize and eliminate malignant cells.

He is now developing new therapeutic molecules to specifically target and kill cancer cells and he is mainly focused on hematological malignancies.

Before, he had a career in Academia, working for Institut Pasteur for 5 years, developping new cancer vaccines against tumors induced by the Human Papillomavirus and wrote several international scientific publications.

Besides his passion for his work, Alexandre has also a huge thirst for competition, in many different fields:

1) He played Texas Hold’em no limit poker at a semi-professional level for 8 years and won some tournaments: four times regional champion and 4th place in a National championship.

2) He is crazy about Escape Rooms! He played more than 250 rooms all over the world and with his teammates, they are currently 2nd at the World Championship!

3) He also played a lot of video games when younger, and quickly specialized in First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Counter Strike, Quake, Unreal Tournament…to reach a decent level at National events.

4) Now he competes as a Progamer in Virtual Reality gaming FPS like After-H and Space Junkies, and recently won a major tournament in France (Solar Contest) ranking him at Top1 France, for After-H and Top5 Europe (Space Junkies – VR League Season 3)

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ESK Member, Richard Riss


Richard Riss, Ph.D. is a Advisory Member of Extreme Sigma Korea.

Dr. Riss is Professor of History and Director of Academic Assessment at Pillar College (formerly known as Somerset Christian College), Newark, NJ.

He is the author of several books, including The Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Minneapolis, Minn.: Bethany House Publishers, 1977) and A Survey of Twentieth Century Revival Movements in North America (Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson Publishers, 1988).

He has contributed over forty articles to four different encyclopedias, including the Encyclopedia of Religious Revivals in America (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2005) and has written articles for numerous periodicals, including Pneuma: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies and Wesleyan Theological Journal.

He has been listed in Contemporary Authors, Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

He has taught at Zarephath Bible Institute, Chicago Bible College and Christian Life College in Mt. Prospect, Illinois.

He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Rochester, a Master of Christian Studies degree from Regent College in Vancouver, an M.A. in Church History from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, and an M.Phil. and a Ph.D. degree from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.

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