Membership Benefit

1. Member Profile 

1.1. USK Society Member online profile or biography with a personal link (recommended to include each member’s education or work careers)

1.2. USK Society Web Editor Right
: Editing your profile, biography or articles

1.3. Profile Function
: Verification of USK full membership via each profile link for whenever members need to present.

2. Membership Certificate 

Awarded by Dr. Hankyung Lee, MD & Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis, MD, PhD as Society Membership Certificate. 

(after approved by USK Membership Committee)

3. Communication

3.1. Forum access (TSK, FSK, ESK) to restricted Facebook discussion groups (available only to full members)

3.2. World Intelligence Network WIN Forum access (Available only to full members; ask to USK Enquiry officer)

4. USK Journal & Publishing (E-book & Paper book)

4.1. Benefit to publish articles on USK Journal Editions and USK E-book. (paper book after ordering)

4.2. Benefit to have project-interviews for full members (after appoved by USK Committee)

4.3. Benefit to request USK Journal & Publishing projects.

4.4. Benefit to publish articles on the World Intelligence Network Journal Editions (WIN ONE)

5. Real-life meetings 

Gathering organized and scheduled for USK members with members of other High IQ Societies and friends (Regional or Country by Country gathering)

* USK sample membership certificate